Akin Hits Morning Shows to Pivot From Rape Remarks

Missouri GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin

Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin is trying to pivot back to other issues, beyond his controversial “legitimate rape” comments that have endangered his campaign.
On Wednesday’s ‘Good Morning America’ broadcast, Akin says “my objective here is to show the sharp contrast between me and my opponent.”
Akin stated several times the same theme in a seven minute interview.
“We’re about opposite on all things,” Akin said of Democratic incumbent Clare McCaskill.
“She is favor of Obamacare. I voted 30 times against Obamacare,” Akin said, “ she is strongly pro abortion, and I am strongly pro-life.”
Akin says he was “medically wrong” in declaring it is sometimes more difficult for a woman to become pregnant after a rape.
He was asked, as a Member of the House Science Committee, “how an idea like that can get in your head?”
Akin paused for a few seconds, and then said, “I understand pregnancy can happen from rape, and those are terrible circumstances”. He did not offer an answer to the question.
Akin is now making some TV appearances after doing two days of interviews with talk radio hosts around the country.
The Akin campaign said it would release a video Tuesday of the candidate answering some of the most-asked questions about the controversy. The questions were being posed by Akin’s professional media advisors, not from journalists.
That campaign video was not distributed Tuesday night.
Akin also blamed the “liberal media” for trying to push him out of the Missouri Senate in a Tuesday Twitter post. During the interview he conceded it was true it was some of the biggest names in both the national Republican Party and the Missouri GOP who were urging him to drop out.


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