Cleaver Speech Rocks Dem Convention

Emanuel Cleaver speaking to Democrats in Charlotte.

Kansas City Congressman Emanuel Cleaver brought the crowd at the Democratic National Convention to it’s feet repeatedly with a fiery speech early Wednesday night.
Cleaver’s brief, but passionate speech, stopped delegates in their tracks as they mingled in the hall about a 7pm Eastern time.
In the speech, Cleaver turned the cavernous Convention Hall into a unified church for a few minutes. He spoke of the need for hope in this coming presidential campaign.
""We are people of hope, Mr President!", Cleaver shouted from the convention podium.
"Hope on! Hope on! Hope on!", he shouted.
THe crowd cheered heartily.
Cleaver’s remarks were one of a series of brief speeches by Democratic officials and members of Congress.
They rarely attract attention, or much TV coverage, since they take place before the national and cable news organizations focus on the convention speeches.
Cleaver, however, made nearly the entire hall pay attention.
He started talking about the need for hope and patience in government. He started with his with his hands at his side.
As the tone of his speech intensified, he began to wave his arms.
At one point, Cleaver stomped his foot on the convention hall stage as a sound effect.
Then he started marching in place as he urged the delegates to make sure they get their people back home to march to the polls.
The crowd responded with several standing ovations.
Words don’t do an adequate job of explaining how Cleaver electrified and energized the crowd of about 7-8,000
One of the biggest roars from the crowd came when Cleaver tied his training as a minister and his career as a politician together in one statement.
"As long as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob sits on the throne of glory, Mr. President, hope on, Hope on! hope on!"
Later in an backstage interview with KMBC TV immediately after the speech, Cleaver observed the two speaking techniques; that of a preacher and a politician, sometimes are not very different.
"Political conventions can be very similar to religious revivals"’ The Kansas City Congressman noted.
For a few minutes at the Democratic Convention, it seems many in the hall agreed with him.


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