KC Launches Quickie Plan for Road Improvements

Kansas City Mayor Sly James

Mayor Sly James says the city is going to shift $3 million from it’s current budget to start a road improvement plan voters approved in August.
Voters backed a set of tax reform and budget shifts. The city said they’d use the money to set up a dedicated source of money to keep up city streets.
Complaining about the state of Kansas City’s roads is as much of a tradition in the city as holiday lights on the Country Club Plaza.
Under the plan, $3 million from the current budget will be used to launch a road resurfacing project at several of the city’s roads they claim are among the busiest and in most need of repair.
City Manager Troy Schulte said, “we’re going to do the streets that are used the most”.
The money will be restored when tax revenues starting coming in during the first four months of 2013.
The city says a full year of the new money will generate about $30 million a year.
Adding $3 million this fall will do two things said Schulte, will double the total road resurfacing budget for the full year.
He also believes they will gain advantage by starting the program immediately and taking advantage of the mild fall weather.
KC Mayor Sly James started the session by holding a sign above his bead it read ‘Thank you for supporting Question #1’. That was the ballot question voters approved.
Some of the areas assigned first consideration include:
NW 68Th St:
From NW Waukomis Dr. To 169 Hwy.
Shoal Creek:
From NE 76th to hwy 152
Wornall Rd:
96th Terr to Ward Parkway
Gregory to 79th
9th St:
Grand to Charlotte
10th St.:
Grand to Charlotte
Prospect Ave:
31st to 20th
47th to Independence city line


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