Mo. Dem Leader Talboy Says GOP May Oberide Governor’s Veto on Abortion Bill

House Republicans could attempt overrides of several vetoes by Governor Jay Nixon, but two issues are expected to be at the forefront of today’s veto session.

House Minority Floor Leader Mike Talboy (D-Kansas City)
Republicans will have to start in the Senate to attempt an overturn of Senate Bill 749, to allow employers and individuals to opt out of insurance coverage for contraception, abortion and sterilization. House Minority Floor Leader Mike Talboy (D-Kansas City) says that veto will be tough to sustain.
“I think that if you look at the vote total, and if you look at the makeup of certain districts that some of our folks represent, I think that one is going to be the much tougher of the two to do.”
Talboy says Republicans will have a much harder time finding the votes to overturn the veto of HB 1329, to allow sales tax collections on vehicle purchases made out of state or from private Missourians.
“I know that there are some Democrats that, for their area, feel that it is vitally important. However unless you get to a 95, 96, 97-type area with the Republican votes, I don’t know that there are enough Democratic votes to even come close to anything there.”

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