Handicappers Now Dropping Missouri Senate Race Off The ‘Flip” List

P-D via Johncombest:
Republicans had big plans this fall to takeover the U.S. Senate — that is, until Todd Akin’s controversial comments on rape.
This summer, it appeared the GOP had a shot of winning four seats in the U.S. Senate and pushing Democrats aside from majority control. But now, a New York Times election forecast predicts the Democrats have a 70 percent chance of keeping the august chamber.
Missouri was once the GOP’s main pickup target, with national Republicans pouring money into the state to defeat incumbent Claire McCaskill, a Democrat running in a red-leaning state. But McCaskill’s opponent, Akin, has been weakened after saying women can avoid pregnanacy after rape. National Republicans have pulled support and cash. Now, they are focusing their attention on states like Mass
Akin was once the clear favorite with a significant polling advantage. Current telephone polls show a tight race, but The New York Times analysis now lists the state as “lean Democratic,” saying McCaskill has a 72 percent shot of winning.
Meanwhile, The Washington Post has removed Missouri from it’s list of state most likely to flip control of the U.S. Senate. The state had previously been ranked in the top five.
The National Journal ranks the state as 9th most likely to change partisan control of the Senate. It was ranked 3rd before the Akin comments.
The Journal wrote on Wednesday: “GOP Rep. Todd Akin is perilously low on money, and he’s not getting any support from the outside Republican groups. He also shows no signs of dropping his bid — the best news McCaskill could get these days. Once the deadline for dropping out passes next week, watch McCaskill carpetbomb her rival to try to put this race away.”

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