Missouri Congressmen Clay and Luetkemeyer Don’t Use Twitter, Most Members Do

Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey, who grew up in St. Louis, once observed that his microblogging service was so named because it defined “a short burst of inconsequential information.”
Cynics might say that his definition suits this unproductive Congress, where all but 56 members of the Senate and House combined use Twitter, according to a count by The Hill, a newspaper on Capitol Hill.
Reps. William Lacy Clay, D-St. Louis, and Blaine Luetkemeyer, R-St. Elizabeth, are worlds apart in their approaches to public policy, but they apparently share an aversion to office tweeting. Clay and Luetkemeyer are the only members of Congress from the St. Louis area who do not have a Twitter account in their congressional offices, according to the list published today in The Hill.
Clay is active on Facebook and has a Twitter account connected to his re-election campaign that had 588 followers as of this afternoon. It wasn’t clear right away why he doesn’t tweet as a congressman. (Or have someone tweet for him, as if often the case.)
Luetkemeyer spokesman Paul Sloca said his member of Congress prefers “communicating in interactions in real time” and uses Facebook and YouTube to do some of that.
Sloca added: “Blaine is really focused on having a conversation in which you can have context … and talk in depth about the substance of issues.”
What, no context and depth in 140 characters?

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