GOP Voter Registration Could Help Akin

Todd Akin

Washington Times:
The Republican Party has been so successful at increasing voter turnout in Missouri over the past 10 years or so that Rep. W. Todd Akin still could win his bid for the Senate, even after his stumbles in his race against Democratic incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill.
Analysts said Republicans have forged deeper roots in Missouri as rural voter turnout has increased, conservative evangelicals have strengthened their presence and formerly conservative Democrats have shifted to the GOP — much as they have in the South.
Those factors bode well not just for Mr. Akin, but also for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who consistently has held a lead in the polls there.
“The turnout in these rural counties is enormous compared to what they used to be,” said Kenneth Warren, a political science professor and pollster at St. Louis University. “The reason for it is the great efforts by Republicans to turn out the vote in rural areas in particular.”
Between the 2000 and 2008 general elections, turnout increased by 43 percent in Taney County and by 32 percent in Greene County, both located in the southwestern region of the state. Taney County is home to the College of the Ozarks, a conservative evangelical school, and Branson, a booming tourist spot that has become known as the “family-friendly Las Vegas.”
During the same time period, turnout rose by 27 percent in St. Louis and 25 percent in Kansas City.
Missouri Democrats concede that Republicans have surpassed them in recruiting candidates, raising money and getting their base to the polls.
“I do think the Republicans have done a good job at capturing right-leaning or conservative-leaning moderates,” said state Rep. John Rizzo, a co-chairman of the HouseDemocratic Campaign Committee, which tries to elect Democrats to the state legislature. “We just don’t have the financial resources the majority party has.”

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