Sununu Pfedicts ‘A Draw’, Because of Town Hall Format

The media center at Hofstra University starts to fill up in the hours before tonight’s debate.

Hempstead, NY– Mitt Romney support John Sununu is predicting the Hofstra Presidential Debate tonight will end in a draw. He says it has a lot to do with the Town Hall format.
He calls the format, “condusive” to a split verdict.
“The candidates, if they really want to do it right, have to answer the question”, Sununu told KMBC TV in an interview today. “They don’t get a chance to really go after each other,” he added.
About 80 undecided voters from the Long Island area are submitting questions for the debate. The voters were picked by the Gallup pollong organization.
CNN Corespondent Candy Crowley will moderate the 90 minute debate. She is hinting she may break the format rules and ask follow-up questions herself if she feels the need to.
Meanwhile a booster of the President, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, has her own questions about undecided voters in general so late in the campaign. She told KMBC, “what is it they need to know?”, Granholm wonders. “it’s obvious. There is such a choice here.
The conventional political thinking is the voters who remain undecided late in campaigns have really already made a choice.
They are familiar with the incumbent, in this case the President, and are not convinced to support that candidate. Granholm concedes many political pros think like that.
She turns it around, however suggesting the undecided vote is really a reflection of voter doubts about Governor Romney.
“He essentially been that etch-a-sketch. And he’s shown that a number of times,” Granholm said. “So people are confused. They know what Barack Obama stands for.”


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