David Steelman Tell’s Politico NRSC Created Environment that ” Let Akin Win”

Missouri Republican insider David Steelman, the husband of former GOP Senate candidate Sarah Steelman, is blaming the National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) for creating the environment that led to Todd Akin’s upset primary victory this summer.
In a Politico piece on GOP prospects for seizing control of the Senate this cycle, Steelman accuses the NRSC of essentially having it’s thumb on the scale.
According the the report, “while the NRSC never publicly endorsed a candidate, its preference was first-time candidate John Brunner, who had the ability to self-fund a race”.
The NRSC denied the Steelman charge, according to the Politico report.
In the piece Steelman says the NRSC’s “implicit” backing of Brunner at Steelman’s expense, “”created the dynamic that let Akin win.”
Polls during the primary showed Steelman leading the GOP field at one point St Louis businessman John Brunner’s then started a substantial TV advertising campaign that vaulted him into the frontrunner’s position.
Near the end of the Republican primary, however, all three Republicans; Akin Brunner and Steelman, were leading Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill in head-to-head match ups.
After the Amin primary victory, he continued to lead McCaskill in polls.
That changed on August 19, about two weeks after Akin won the primary, when Akin made the infamous “legitimate rape” comment.
That remark turned the campaign in Missouri upset down.
McCaskill now leads in two of the three latest polls.


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