Akin Advisor Stands In, Candidate Skips ‘Spin Alley’

Akin Advisor Rick Tyler after Thursday’s Clayton debate

Clayton, Mo.–Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin did not meet with reporters after the US Senate debateThursday night in Clayton.
After the 60 minute session, reporters were told both candidates would come into ‘ Spin Alley’ to take questions from reporters about the debate.
Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill took reporter questions for about 10 minutes.
Akin never showed up.
McCaskill spokeswoman Catlin Legacki claimed both candidates were expected to answer question after the debate. Legacy claims it was part of the terms of the debate.
Instead, Akin strategist Rick Tyler walked into the room and announced, "I’m ready to spin".
Tyler said it was "a family decision", not to have Akin take questions from reporters.
He then added, without being asked, "I can’t confirm or deny, it might have something to do with the ballgame".
The St. Louis Cardinals baseball team was playing a key playoff game at that time.
Tyler said The decision not to talk to reporters was not a big deal.
"He just spent an hour making his case," Tyler said.
"Everybody got to watch it, the press covered it" .
The chances are very good many more people were watching the Cardinal game than the debate. They started at about the same time
Tyler told reporters he thought his candidate won the debate.
"Claire McCaskill looked like a frustrated prosecutor", Tyler said, "that couldn’t convince the jury that she had a winning case."


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