Schoeller Calls Voter Photo ID “Plain Common Sense for Missouri, Rips Rival Kander

Republican candidate for Secretary of State Shane Shoeller hold up his driver’s license during Lee’s Summit campaign stop.

Lee’ Summit– Republican candidate Secretary of State Shane Schoeller says starting a voter photo ID law in Missouri, just makes plain common sense”.

Schoeller, along with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Iowa Secretary Matt Schultz, and Mississippi Secretary Delbert Hosemen campaigned in Lee’s Summit early Wednesday morning.

Rep.Schoeller tried to pass a voter photo ID law in the 2012 session of the Missouri Legislature. The bill failed to get passed by the lawmakers.

Missouri passed a voter photo ID law in 2006 but the courts threw the measure out.

Schoeller accused his Democratic rival, Rep. Jason kinder of being ‘right in step with Missouri’s current Secretary of State Robin Carnahan in not supporting voter photo ID in Missouri.

Kander says the state should take a page from the state of Idaho. There, voters without adequate photo ID can present a sworn affidavit of identity and then cast a vote.

Schoeller, Hoseman and Schultz started a statewide tour of Missouri today for his campaign.

After the event in the Kansas City suburb of Lee’s Summit, Kobach returned to Topeka.


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