Many Missouri Voters Don’t Know StL Control is on the Ballot

According to a Missouri Poll by Public Policy Polling (3P), nearly half of Missouri voters have not heard anything about the question of local control of the St. Louis Police Department ballot question.
According to the 3P survey 49% of the likely voters say they have heard nothing about the measure.
It is ‘Proposition A’ on the statewide ballot.
“That’s not surprising. It’s a very low
Profile campaign. There will be no television or radio advertising that will appear,” said Kansas City political consultant Steve Glorioso. He is working to pass the measure.
Glorioso says voters will start getting mail on the question in the next 10 days.
Overall, voters in the survey support the measure by more than a 4-to-1 margin.
The spread, including voters who say they’ll probably vote a certain way, shows the
measure leads 61-14%.
The state took over control if both police departments after corruption and scandals racked both departments in the 1930’s and ’40s.
Proposition A deals only with local control of the St. Louis department.
Kansas City’s Police are also under state control. That department would not be affected by the outcome of the voter.
Kansas City Mayor Sly James write St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay in April supporting local control.
In the letter, James said Kansas City would deal with the issue on it’s own fashion.
The President of the Kansas City Police Board, Lisa Pelofsky, is undecided on Proposition A.
“I’m not officially or personally sure how I feel about it,” Pelofsky said.
She is conceded that conservative businessman Rex Sinquefield has contributed at least $600,000 to the local control effort. Pelsofky and Glorioso agree that Kansas City will confront the same issue of local police control soon.
“It would be an obvious discussion to have”, she said.
Glorioso added, “it’s not about Kansas City. But it could be about Kansas City.”


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