Missouri Tobacco Tax Vote Draws Some Anti- Tax Support

According to a Public Policy Polling survey (3P) obtained by KMBC TV, even some conservatives may vote for raising the tax on tobacco in Missouri.
In general, conservatives do not like to increase any tax for any reason.
In the 3P survey, 40% of the likely voters who describe themselves as “very conservative” say they will “definitely” vote against the measure, Proposition B.
47% of those in the survey who call themselves “somewhat conservative”, however, appear to look at it differently. They told pollsters they would “definitely” vote to raise the tax.
Julie Sally of the campaign to raise the nation’s lowest tobacco tax says that shows the measure has “broad support”.
The poll also shows younger voters, aged 18-29, split on the issue.
25% say they will definitely vote yes on the tax increase.
Another 25% of younger voters say they will definitely vote no on the
Sally believes that may be a sign
Missouri’s 17-cent per pack tobacco tax encourages young Missourians to take up using tobacco.
The state’s trade association of gas stations and convenience stores is leading part of the opposition.
They say the move to raise the tax 73-cents is a 760% tax increase.
The group days that is an excessive increase.


One Response

  1. In the interest of mathematical accuracy, it’s a large tax increase, but not 760%. 73 cents is 430% of 17 cents. 90 cents (the new per pack total) is 530% of 17 cents. I have no idea how they came up with this number. (Hey, maybe the schools DO need the money, after all…….)

    The complete language (which I’ve read) is 2+ pages of super fine newsprint. 20% of the tax goes to the “Tobacco Use Prevention and Quit Assistance Account” which will be managed by Missouri Healthy Families Commission, run by a board of 9 gubernatorial appointees, who may reap the plunder of the 20% of the tax themselves, without bid, if they’re in “the business” of tobacco cessation/prevention counseling. Not my idea of good governance.

    Just another shakedown, creating a slush fund, IMO.

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