Kansas City Democrats Load up With Election Day Poll Watchers

Kansas City, Missouri Democrats may have as many as 129 attorneys lined up to help watch the polls Election Day, or help voters with problems at the polls.
It is not clear if all 129 poll watchers will be actually at the city’s voting locations.
Shelley McThomas of the Kansas City Election Board says as of mid-afternoon on Wednesday, the deadline, just 65 had actually registered.
The Republican Election Commissioner for Kansas City, Sean Kieffer, says 15 GOP poll watchers have registered.
Poll watchers, sometimes called challengers, observe the voting procedure at polling places. Sometimes, challengers have questioned the right of an individual vote based on proper registration.
In Missouri, the burden of proof in a challenged situation rests with the voter or the election officials, not on the challenger.
The Democratic effort is led by former Jackson County Democratic Chairman Steve Bough.
“We want to make sure we have people out there,” said Bough.
He added he does not expect any problems.
“Republicans around here don’t play games,” he said.
At the Jackson County Election Board, which is a separate jurisdiction, not nearly as many poll watchers have signed up.
The County Election Board says 18 Republican poll watchers are registered and 10 Democrats.
Jackson County has more voting locations than Kansas City, Missouri.


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