McCaskill & Akin Strategist See Jobs Report Very Differently

Claire McCaskill in Kansas City Friday morning.

Democratic Senate candidate Claire McCaskill says the latest jobs report from Washington is “positive progress.”

The latest unemployment numbers show the jobless rate increase to 7.9%, but 172,00 new jobs were created in October.

“We’re going in the right direction,” McCaskill told a Kansas City news conference Friday morning.

“We’re not going as quickly as we need, but we certainly should not go back to the policies that put us in the first place.”

McCaskill also took time to blast republican rival Todd Akin.

At a news conference outside of the Full employment council in Kansas City, the democrat brought up Akin’s remark that the minimum wage should be abolished.

She said she never expected to be in a campaign where the existence of the minimum wage was an issue.

“We can argue about what the minimum wage should be,” she said, but you’d be hard pressed to find anybody who believes the minimum wage is not important to the middle class.

Akin strategist Rick Tyler was also at the news conference.

He countered McCaskill’s claim on the jobless report and the minimum wage.

Tyler says the latest unemployment news is more evidence the Obama administration is not bringing the economy back swiftly enough.

He also says the minimum wage probably hurts the nation’s job creating ability.

Tyler says it ends up putting adults in competition with teenagers for work.

Akin. Says Tyler is campaigning today in the St. Louis area.


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