McCaskill Compares Obama to Senate Rival Akin

Democrat Claire McCaskill says , in one respect, President Obama is like her Senate rival, Todd Akin, they both earmarked money during their Congressional Careers.
In an interview with KMBC Friday, McCaskill was defending herself from Republican charges that she is too loyal to the Obama White house.
“He agrees with Todd Akin”, McCaskill said in the interview,”he’s an earmarker”.
According to the non partisan watchdog website “Legistorm’, she is right.
From 2008-2010, the period that Legistorm tracks each earmark, then Senator Obama offered 57 earmarks in 2008, his last year in the senate.
From 2008-2010 Legistorm shows Senate candidate Todd Akin offered 42 earmark projects.
Legistorm says in the Senate that year, Obama offered $3.3 solo earmarks and co-sponsored $95.2 million worth earmarks with other members of Congress.
Akin, over the course of three years tracked by Legistorm, offered 15 solo earmarks worth $7.5 million, co-sponsored 27 with other Members of Congress worth $91.6 million.
McCaskill has never offered earmarks. She supports abolishing them altogether as a wasteful spending practice.
Akin frequently defended his use of earmarking money during the campaign.
Last month he was in headlines for saying that his earmarks were done in the open, as opposed to behind closed doors, so there was nothing wrong with his practice. He says he was representing in St. Louis area district.
The McCaskill campaign broadcast a commercial criticizing his earmarking.
They pointed out over the course of his 12-year Congressional career, Akin offered 31 million in earmarks that produced near $80,000 in contributions. They also point out he offered an earmark to improve a road near his house.
Akin has said the earmark for that road improvement benefitted his constituents.
In the KMBC interview, McCasakill was pressed about her voting record with the White House.
She pointed out she voted against the Obama proposal for cap and trade. She also says went urged the Environmental Protection Agency to drop its plan to regulate the amount of dust on farms. The EPA did drop the idea, which McCaskill called ‘ridiculous”.
Republicans point to ranking that show McCaskill votes with the Obama White House well over 90% of the time.
She counters by pointing to another ranking that puts her at 50th of 100 Senators on where they fall on the political spectrum according to their voting record.


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