Kander Points to Ethics Reform First


The Kansas City Star profiles Missouri Secretary of State-elect Jason kander.
the storm talks about how the Missouri SOS job can be a successful launching point for a major political career.
Kander calls the speculation “humbling”.
He says his first focus point will be trying to advance ethics reform in state government.
“His is first priority after assuming office will be to push lawmakers to enact comprehensive campaign finance and ethics reform, he said. It’s an issue he made the cornerstone of his campaign, and one he has championed in the legislature.
Earlier this year, the state Supreme Court struck down a 2010 law tightening campaign finance rules over a procedural error in how the bill was originally passed. Kander said he hopes lawmakers can re-establish those reforms, and go even further. He points out that Missouri is the only state that allows lawmakers to accept both unlimited lobbyist gifts and unlimited campaign donations.
“Clean elections don’t start on Election Day,” he said. “The true fraud in our elections is our campaign finance system. It’s broken and it needs to be fixed.”
Read more here: http://midwestdemocracy.com/articles/kcs-kander-now-secretary-of-state-and-maybe-on-the-rise/#storylink=cpy


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