Kobach Says Provisional Ballot Names are Not Public Records

AP: Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s office told county election officials Thursday that they shouldn’t release the names of Kansas voters who cast provisional ballots, a directive that came a day after one of Kobach’s critics began pursuing such a list in hopes of averting a narrow election loss.
The memo the Republican’s office said the information “is not public record” and suggested that releasing the names would violate federal law. But one county clerk, who provided a copy of the memo to The Associated Press, said the federal law has been in place for almost a decade and that he and other officials have assumed they can release the information.
Democratic Rep. Ann Mah of Topeka said Thursday that she’s seeking a list of people who voted with provisional ballots, which are cast when poll workers aren’t sure whether someone is eligible to vote at a particular site. Those ballots are set aside for review.
Mah, one of Kobach’s most vocal critics in the Legislature, said she and other Democrats want to contact those voters to help them correct any problems so their ballots will be counted.


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  1. I was a poll watcher in Wyandotte County. I took the morning shift and in the six hours I observed there were less than 10 provisional ballots required. The Elections Supervisor Jeff White had a well oiled system set up which seemed to me as a management/manufacturing process consultant to run extremely well. I can speculate from appearance on the ratio of Dems to Repubs had to go through the process but it would be an absolute SWAG.

    The one piece of confusion I saw was impact on several people of the Democratic Party effort to increase the pre-vote. They sent Advanced Ballot Applications to a substantial number of registered Democrats. A number of folks brought those applications with them in the mistaken idea that they had to return them in order to vote in person.

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