Missouri Lawmakers Get KC Perspective Today

Missouri’s new legislative leaders, including House Speaker Tim Jones and Senate Pro-Tem Tom Dempsey, will get a Kansas City point of view of state government today.
Jones, Dempsey and other legislative leaders will meet with Kansas City business executives for an all-day session on the next session of the Missouri Legislature.
The forum is being sponsored by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.
One the main topics may be the ongoing ‘border war’ with the state of Kansas. The metro area has seen businesses move from one side of the state line to another in hopes of better tax deals.
There may also be some talk about the potential for returning the Kansas City Police department to local control. In this month’s election, Missouri voters approved returning the St. Louis Police to that’s city’s supervision.
Kansas City mayor Sly James said after the St. Louis vote, Kansas City would examine the same issue on its own terms.
Early Tuesday morning, lawmakers will get an overview of the region economic conditions. Later in the day Kansas City leaders will talk with state lawmakers about the area’s legislative priorities for the next session of the legislature which starts in early January, 2013.
Kansas City may have to work hard to get its views heard in some legislative debates in the next session.
Only Jackson County St. Rep. Mike Cierpoit is in the House leadership.


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