GOP Senate Campaign Chief Says Akin Played Right into Democrat’s Hands

Texas Senator John Cornyn says the divisive Missouri GOP Senate primary, and other hard-fought Republican primaries may have contributed to the GOP losses in the Senate in 2012.
Corny led the Republican Senate campaign Committee this year. He is stepping down to prepare for an anticipated primary in Texas in 2014.
Politic reports that Cornyn thinks some Republican candidates beat themselves, with poorly run campaigns or the comments the candidates made. He put Missouri Republican Todd Akin high on that list.
“With Akin and (Indiana GOP Senate nominee Richard) Mourdock in mind, Cornyn said hard-line factions inside the Republican Party must decide whether supporting ideologically pure candidates is in the best interest of the conservative movement if it means Democrats end up winning those seats,” Politico reported.
“We need to look at both the tactics and the policy and the people,” Cornyn told Politico. “The quality of the candidates definitely makes a difference.”
Politico reported Cornyn defends his decision to withhold $5 million republicans were prepared to spend in support of Akin. That offer was withdrawn after Akin’s infamous remarks about ‘legitimate rape” in mid-August.
Corny also defends the GOP’s unsuccessful effort to force the St. Louis Congressman to drop out of the Senate race.
“I think it was important, and I know the Romney campaign shared the view, that what he said did not represent the Republican Party on that issue because it really played into the whole narrative that the Democrats used very successfully to peel off, particularly, single women and not married women, but single woman,” he said. “And you can understand why. I thought it was important to draw a line there, because they’re [Akin’s comments] not representative of the Republican view.”
Akin had just won a tough 3-way Republican primary on August 7. Early polls had him leading democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill.
Akin was McCaskill’s preferred opponent. She even spent money on a primary season commercial speculating if Akin was ‘too conservative” for Missouri voters. It was effective with Missouri’s Republican base primary voters.
Politico’s report also says, “Cornyn refused to say whether the NRSC quietly transferred money to the Missouri Republican Party in a last-ditch attempt to prop up Akin, only saying, “We needed to do what we needed to do to help win Senate seats.”


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