Health Care Expert Says Kansas & Missouri Resistance to Health Exchanges May Backfire

A policy analyst for the Missouri Foundation of Health, Thomas McAuliffe, says the bid to resist establishing on-line health care exchanges in Kansas and Missouri may lead to a larger role for the federal government, not a smaller one.
In a KMBC interview, McAuliffe says it will now be Washington, not Missourians or Kansans, that will set up exchanges.
“By ceding control to the federal government they have, by example ceded all state control of setting up the exchange, setting up prices, catering to the resources of our state, to the federal government,” McAuliffe said in a KMBC TV interview.
Both Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, a Republican and Missouri Governor, Democrat Jay Nixon have said they will not establish the exchanges.
Washington is now expected to step in during 2013 and create the health care exchanges for them .
Those exchanges, said McAuliffe, function in the same way a on-line service works for picking out an airline for a trip.
The customer chooses the private plan they think best fits their insurance needs. He says the new exchanges are required to post costs and explain the proposed coverage in understandable language.
McAuliffe called the potential increase of the federal footprint in states like Missouri and Kansas for resisting the plan, it the ‘ironic’.
Critics often call the wide-ranging health reforms enacted in the president’s first term as ,’Obamacare’.
Missouri Governor Nixon sent a letter to Health and Human Service Secretary Kathleen Sebelius telling her Missouri law prohibits the state-establishment of a health exchange.
Brownback told Kansas Insurance Commission Sandy Praeger he would not sign off on a Kansas on-line exchange because the ‘Obamcare’ law is a federal over reach.
McAuliffe says this month’s approval by voters of a ban on setting up a health care exchange without the approval of the legislature or a vote of the people, doesn’t change much in Missouri. It just re-affirms the sentiment of voters.
McAuliffe says after the United State Supreme Court upheld much of the law, Washington waited for the results of this months election before accelerating the new health care law provisions.
Nows that is over, he expected the pace of implementation to continue to increase.
Many of the provisions involving on-line health care exchanges are supposed to be ready by January 1, 2014.


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