KC Senator Says, Like Civil Rights in the South, Missouri Obamacare Opponents Need to Deal With It

Kansas City State senator-elect Jason Holsman says Missouri Republicans who oppose Obamacare are, in one respect, like Mississippians who didn’t like Civil Rights in the 1960’s.

“Change is never easy, especially when it’s complicated. And I’m sure in 1964, Mississippi didn’t want the Civil Rights Act either,” Holsman told reporters Thursday.

Holsman was present at the Kansas City event where Governor Jay Nixon announced his plans to use the new health care law to attempt to expand Medicaid in Missouri.

The healthcare law has been soundly voted against in two statewide elections. The most recent vote was earlier this month.

This year, Missourians voted to ban the Governor from establishing a state health exchange unless the Legislature or voters approve it.

Holsman was asked if Republicans weren’t just reflecting the views of Missouri voters.

“I understand some people in our state, some republicans, some elected officials are frustrated by that direction. Voters are frustrated by that direction,” Holsman said. “But this is a democracy.”

Governor Nixon also says the time for arguing about the law in Missouri has passed. He noted the election is over, the Congress passed the bill, The President signed it and the Supreme Court upheld it.

Holsman said he was not drawing a direct comparison between opponents of the heath care law and the segregationists of the South.

‘What I’m doing is comparing the systematic structural changes, and how they’re implemented, state by state. And that’s what we’re looking at.


5 Responses

  1. Is it kind to inflate the currency that the working poor depend on to buy their goods and services? Recall, inflation is a tax, and is borne with greatest difficulty by those on fixed incomes (i.e., the “savers”–who need every bit of encouragement they can be given) and the poor and lower middle class. A totally insolvent central government with gargantuan debt will have to create $8.3 billion from absolutely nothing–nothing but a little ink and paper, or maybe a few digital bits–to subsidize Missouri for the first 3 years of the Medicaid expansion. This will only further devalue–or inflate–the currency that the Senator’s poorer constituents depend on. Taxing of all types, including the inflation tax, is “legalized plunder.”

    When a politician begins issuing such slurs against his naysayers, it only means it is time to closely scrutinize his motives.

  2. If H.R. 676 were to be implimented this would be a moot point. H.R. 676 would provide the healthcare financing for all Americans and at a lower per capita cost. Please research this resolution.

  3. Holsman didnt call those racists and segregationists what they were, Democrats.

  4. Wow, H.R. 676 looks like the old “Everything for everyone, and nothing for ourselves!” fulfilled. Government cannot do anything more cheaply than the private sector…there are only a few things that government should do, and in those particular enterprises (the military, for example), we’re just stuck, I’m afraid. Just look at public primary and secondary education costs, versus private school costs.

    This is because government produces no wealth (money, not filthy lucre, here) on its own…it has to tax/borrow/print it. All those things take wealth out of the private sector, where risk/benefit sanity reigns over the allocation of resources, but there’s no risk when you are using the wealth of others, so the government does a very poor job at “running” things.

  5. We have a fiscal and moral obligation to take care of our own people. Those who feel no obligation to the health of their fellow citizens are the real parasites in our society.

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