KC Chamber Backs KCI Changes

imagesCAUG8XFZ KCIThe Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce is endorsing the idea of a major overhaul of Kansas City International Airport (KCI).
The Chamber announced its support for remodeling the three terminal airport into one terminal.
The City is seriously studying the idea of renovating the 40-year-old airport.
“While so many of us have loved KCI over the years, it’s definitely out-of-date and time for a change,” says Jim Heeter, president and chief executive officer of the KC Chamber in a statement.
KCI’s three terminals were designed and built with an eye towards making easier for passengers to be dropped off or picked up at curbside just a few yards away from the airport’s gates.
Because of KCI’s curbside configuration, the airport requires many more security check points and security agents than many modern airports.
The Chamber also says the three-terminals are not used well.
“A single terminal would add flexibility, eliminating the current situation which finds Terminal B overcrowded – limiting Southwest Airline’s presence at KCI – while Terminals A and C are underutilized,” according to the Chamber’s statement.
The current estimate for renovating KCI stands at about $1.2 million dollars.
City Hall advocates of the plane say KCI can be re-worked, with the cost paid for by federal aviation dollars, the airlines and passenger fees, not the general taxpayer of Kansas City.


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