Hartzler Gets Slot on Budget Committee

Mo-4 Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler bad been appointed to the House Budget Committee.
Hartzler’s office made the announcement Wednesday. It comes two days after House Speaker shook up the House budget panel.
He removed Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp and
Michigan Rep Justin Amash.
Hartzler spokesman Steve Walsh says Hartzler was not told she was a
Replacement for either man.
Like Huelskamp, Hartzler voted against the 2011 Debt Celling deal.
Huelskamp says be does not know why he was kicked off the Budget panel. He says he is being punished for not voting often enough with Boehner and the other House leaders.
Hartzler, a member of the House Arned Services Committee, is pleased with the appointment.
"As a deficit hawk who is committed to reining in our runaway federal spending, I am honored to serve on the House Budget Committee and thank Chairman Ryan for the opportunity," said Hartzler upon being informed of the appointment. "I will bring to the table the common sense ideas that I have discussed in conversations with the good citizens of Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District," Hartzler said in a statement.
The full list of committee assignments for the new Congress is expected next week.


One Response

  1. This is the woman who was going to help balance the budget by getting rid of Lady Birds Highway Beautification Program. Her intellect will be invaluable.

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