Blunt & GOP Tell Obama, ‘No Way’, on Unlimited Debt Ceiling Authority

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt and 41 other Senators are opposed to giving the president the ability to permanently raise the debt ceiling.
Blunt office says the Missouri Republican joined Ohio Senator Rob Portman and other lawmakers in sending a letter to the White House opposing the plan.
“For the president to demand the ability to increase the debt limit on his own is simply irresponsible, and Senate Democrats know it,” said Blunt. “The American people want us to fight to cut spending and rein in our debt, not to give the president unprecedented power to spend their hard-earned tax payer dollars at his whim.”
Congress’ ability to set the nation’s debt limit is one of the biggest tools Capitol Hill Republicans have in the current Fiscal Cliff negotiations.
Tea Party Members of the House Republican Caucus used their opposition to raising the debt limit in 2011 effectively.
That 2011 debt ceiling limit is set to expire in early 2013.


One Response

  1. Unfortunately, the first things Mr. Blunt and his friends want to cut is Social Security. Ask them how much the deficit will reduce. The answer is zero. Ask yourself – are they serious about the deficit or destroying Social Security

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