Union Members Demonstrate in Front of Cleaver’s Office

About two dozen union member picket outside of Democrat Emanuel Cleaver’s Kansas City office.

About two dozen union workers demonstrated outside of Kansas City Democrat Emanuel Cleaver’s Kansas City office Monday afternoon.
They want to make sure Cleaver and other members of Congress do not trade entitlement reforms for a deal on the fiscal cliff.
Last week, Cleaver indicated he would support some sort of means testing for wealthy Americans who use Medicare.
Democrats and liberal groups had a ‘ day of action’ at the home offices of Congressmen and Senators across the nation ( see previous posts).

2 Responses

  1. The first demand for legislators is to leave Social Security alone. Being a separate account with $2.7T surplus, it has nothing to do with the deficit. The vast majority of seniors rely on Medicare. Try buying health insurance at age 65, 75, or more. It may cost taxpayers more, but they will thank themselves when they retire.

  2. Alternative headline: Low-information Liberals Lobby Rep. Cleaver, et al to Demand Higher Taxes on Wealthy, – and to Opposed Entitlement Reforms No One is Seriously Proposing, – but Mainly to Demand Higher Taxes on the Wealthy.

    God save the Republic.

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