House Debates WWI Museum Designation Today

Liberty Mem and WWI museumThe effort to get the Liberty Memorial and WWI Museum in Kansas City designated as the official site for the 100th Anniversary of the start of ‘The Great War’ is back for debate in Congress Wednesday.
Debate on a bill giving the Kansas City Memorial that designation is set for Wednesday afternoon in the US House.
The Liberty Memorial is the only memorial in the nation solely dedicated to honoring the veterans of World War I. The WWI Museum, which opened in 2006, may be the nation’s largest repository of artifacts for the four-year conflict.
The Liberty Memorial, a tall column with a torch at the top and an elaborate concrete mural at its base, is a major piece of the southern downtown Kansas City skyline.
World War One started in 1914. The United States did not get involved until 1917. Most US troops fought in western Europe along with England and France for several months in 1918. An armistice was signed on November 11, 1918 ending the war.
2014 marks the start of an international set of events to remember WWI.
The debate is not really over the Kansas City projects, but what kind of memorial should be in Washington, DC.
Some feel there should be a significant memorial on the Washington Mall, as well. The Mall has memorials to the other major conflicts of the 20th century, WWII; The Korean War and Viet Nam.
Last week, the bill cleared a House Committee and set up today’s debate.
Supporters of the mall memorial say they will try to restore the provision calling for a Washington memorial when the bill moves to the Senate.
The House has approved the measure three times before.


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