Right To Work Law Not High on List for Mo. Chamber or Mo. GOP

ST. Joesph News Press via Johncombest:
Whether Missouri can achieve similar success like the state of Michigan did last week for right to work is under scrutiny by lawmakers, business organizations and labor leaders. The St. Joseph Metro Chamber, for one, does not believe that right to work should take precedence over other legislative matters that should be considered as more pressing needs.
“The chamber has taken the position that this is not a critical issue for the state,” said Steve Hamilton, the organization’s interim president and chief executive officer.
Mr. Hamilton called education funding a more important goal to pursue, and said the chamber’s relationships with the area’s unions are good.
“It doesn’t come up very often in our discussions,” he added of right to work.
Missouri Chamber of Commerce President and Chief Executive Officer Dan Mehan admitted promoting right to work in the state wouldn’t be an easy proposition. But he said Michigan’s situation sends a message of encouragement to the law’s Missouri supporters.
“For those states that have similar economies, I think the stakes got higher,” Mr. Mehan said.
He referred to right to work states bordering Missouri as another impetus for change. Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee all have the law on their books, while Illinois and Kentucky do not. Mr. Mehan said corporate site selectors regard right to work as an advantage when researching prospects for locations. Right to work is a primary driver of economic development, he added.
He acknowledged the challenge of getting legislation past an obvious veto from Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon, who has voiced his opposition.
“I’m sure you’re going to see (more) legislation filed,” Mr. Mehan said.
State Sen. Brad Lager, R-Savannah, and his Senate Republican colleagues met privately Thursday to do some advance planning for the 2013 legislative session — with right to work on the agenda.
“Everyone acknowledges the fact that right-to-work states have economically grown faster than non-right-to-work states,” Mr. Lager told the News-Press.

More: http://www.newspressnow.com/news/local_news/article_bb71ceb8-4ff1-5b3a-8b78-a02672a8d091.html


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