Steelman In For SEMO Seat to Congress

SteelmanSarah Steelman is making another run at getting elected. She has entered the race for the SEMO seat to Congress that Rep. Jo Ann Emerson is leaving.
Emerson announced earlier this month she was leaving Congress to lead the nation’s association of rural electric cooperatives.
In 2012, Steelman finished third in a tough Republican primary for the US Senate nomination.,. She was defeated by Congressman Todd Akin. He lost to incumbent Claire McCaskill.
Steelman made the announcement on Sarah Palin’s internet radio website, SarahNETRadio. Steelman has been listed as a contributor to the program since this fall.
“I am excited about this opportunity to serve the people and want you all to know that I am actively seeking the nomination from the 8th District Congressional Committee,” Steelman said.
In her latest comments for Palin’s program, Steelman says the US has already gone over the “fiscal cliff”, with its massive debt.

“We know that the fiscal crisis in our country is hurting our families,” Steelman said. She also vowed to return power into the “hands of the people.”

Unlike the 2012 US Senate race, getting the GOP nomination to replace Emerson is an inside effort. The nominee won’t come from a 8th district primary. The nominees for both the Republicans and Democrats will be picked by the Congressional District party committees.
During her primary campaign, Steelman won Palin’s endorsement, The former Alaska Governor made one campaign stop for Steelman and endorsed her on radio.


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