Chastain Mass Transit Plan Back in Court

Mass transit activist Clay Chastain takes his Kansas City plan to the Missouri Court of Appeals Tuesday.
Chastain is challenging a city decision to block a vote on his mass transit plan.
Chastain collected enough signatures to force a vote on the plan. City officials, however, never placed the plan on the ballot.
The disputed project involves light rail, street cars, electric buses and commuter rail.
In an e-mail, Chastain called the city’s efforts an “on-going totalitarian effort to violate its own City Charter and block a vote on a valid and competing mass transit petition initiative.”
Last week, the city announced that voters in a new downtown street car district approved a 2-mile, $100 million route from the River market to the union Station area. The vote was restricted to Kansas Citians who are registered to vote in the street car district.
Chastain says his project is much better.
“The people’s light rail petition initiative invokes an open democratic process and city-wide vote!!!”


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