Huelskamp: I Still Don’t Know 2013 Assignments

Huelskamp TimWest Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp’s feud with Speaker John Boekher and the House GOP leadership continues.
Huelskamp was kicked off two key Congressional committeea, Agriculture and the Budget Committee earlier this month.
Huelskamp says he is being punished for not voting with the Leadership often enough.
On C-SPAN Thursday morning, Huelskamp says he still does not know what committeea he will serve on next year.
Wednesday, a report in Politico says Huelskamp and two other Members, Rep. Justin Amash and Rep. David Schweikert were tossed off their previous assignments because an unnamed member of the Republican Steering Committee called them, “the most egregious a–holes” in the House.
The report says Huelskamp and the other two, “made life harder for other Republicans”.
Earlier in his career, Huelskamp was also removed from an important committee in the Kansas State Senate.
House Speaker Boehner’s office disputes Huelskamp’s claim the GOP leadership were keeping a loyalty scorecard.
In a statement, Boehner says “there is no scorecard”, however, Huelskamp insisted one exists.
Not surprisingly, during the C-SPAN interview, Huelskamp calls the Speaker’s latest offer of a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, “an economically foolish thing to do”.
He says it will increase 41% of the taxes that affect the small business that fill his west Kansas district.
Huelskamp, a 5th generation farmer, says it’s wrong not to have someone like him on the Agriculutre Committee.

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