Former Jackson County Prosecutor Al Riederer Dies

A fixture in Jackson County and Kansas City politics, former County Prosecutor Al Riederer has died. He was 67. Riederer had been battling cancer and retired from practice earlier this year.
Many friends and former associates celebrated his career at a party in November.
Riederer was elected to the Jackson County Legislature in 1978 at the age of 33.
Two years later, he was elected Jackson County Prosecutor and re-elected two more times.
He was a key figure in starting the anti- drug COMBAT program for Jackson County.
The program concentrated on diverting people, especially the young, in rehabilitating their lives as an alternative to jail time.
The Jackson County program served as a model for other communities across America as they set up similar programs, including a Drug Court diversion project.
During his time as Prosecutor, Riederer had an eye for talent. That talent was featured recently in a Kansas City Star profile of his career.
He hired, young, promising assistant attorneys like Sen. Claire McCaskill, Kansas City Police Board member Pat McInerney and Jackson County Charles Atwell. and many others. Riederer also served on the Missouri Court of Appeals.
Riederer is survived by his wife Sandy Midkiff and two children. Sent from my iPhone


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