Akin Landslide Winner of P-D’s EPPY (Editorial Person of the Year)

Akin at fairPost Dispatch (via Johncombest)
This year there was no contest for the winner of the coveted EPPY Award for Editorial Page Person of the Year, bestowed annually since today on the individual who, for better or worse, provided the most grist for our mill.
The nominees were considered in alphabetical order, and voters didn’t get past the first name on the list: Akin, William Todd.
The second name on the list was Archibald, Robert M., and while there was some sentiment for the now-former president of the Missouri History Museum, Mr. Akin was a landslide winner. A legitimate winner, you might say.
And why not? His spectacular immolation of his U.S. Senate candidacy on the Aug. 19 edition of “The Jaco Report” on KTVI-Channel 2 made national headlines for weeks. Asked by reporter Charles Jaco whether abortion should be legal in case of rape, the six-term Republican congressman from Wildwood said, “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”
This also wins our “Quote of the Year” award.
In short order, Mr. Akin went from being the favorite in his race against incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill to being a pariah in his own party. He refused to abandon his race and allow the state party to choose a replacement candidate. His funding mostly dried up, and Ms. McCaskill trounced him by more than 15 points, winning even in some of the state’s reddest counties.
More: http://www.stltoday.com/news/opinion/columns/the-platform/editorial-the-mummy-the-heat-no-the-eppy-goes-to/article_8a2e338d-fa1f-582f-9eb9-fd09a1eae9fb.html

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