Justus Files Bill for Campaign Limits in Missouri

Kansas City Democratic State Senator Jolie Justus is taking another shot at campaign contribution limits in Missouri.
The state has been with campaign limitations for several years after the last limits were thrown out by the courts. Several efforts have been made to re-establish them, but failed in the legislature.
Under Justus’s plan, there are limits for donations “made or accepted from any person other than the candidate all all committees”: -$10,000 for Gov. Lt. Gov Sec of State, Treasurer, Auditor or Attorney General; -$5,000 for State Senators,
-$2,500 for State Representatives,
-$2,500 for any other office if the population area is under 100,000 people,
-$5,000 for offices in areas where the population is between 100,000-250 000,( including judicial)
-$10,000 for an office where the area population is over 250,000 ( including judicial). The bill was pre filed in late December.
The 2013 session of the legislature starts later this week


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