In Springfield, Obama’s 2nd Terrm Spurs Gun Sales & Classes

KLOR (via JohnCombest)
hand guns for saleSPRINGFIELD, Mo. — More people are getting the okay to carry a hidden gun in Greene County.
According to numbers from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, 106 people have gotten a concealed carry permit in Greene County so far this year. In the entire month of January last year, the number was 141.
“I live in a rural area with a long response time from the local sheriff’s department,” says Nicholas Mercer, who is taking a concealed carry class.
Mercer says he wants to learn about Missouri laws and get a permit for home protection. He’s also serving in the military.
Mercer is part of a growing list of students taking classes through Canovi and Associates.
Matt Canovi, who owns the company, says he started noticing more business after President Obama won reelection.
“President Obama getting reelected: good or bad for business for you,” asked reporter Kevin Schwaller.
“Best thing that ever happened to the gun business,” Canovi said. “For it financially: without a doubt.”
Canovi is taking bigger classes to handle the demand.
Mercer says although he’s in courses because it happened to be good timing, others are taking classes because they perceive a threat to guns.
“I feel that a lot of people want to get things bought now while they still have the opportunity,” says Mercer.
Greene County saw the concealed carry permit numbers more than double in the last quarter of 2012, from 178 in 2011 to nearly 448 in 2012.

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