Reardon Says Be Helped Bring More Life Back to KCK

KCK Mayor Joe Reardon is all smiles after deciding not to seek a third term.

In his first television interview after deciding not to seek a third term as KCK Mayor, Joe Reardon pointed to three things he is most proud of accomplishing in office.
Reardon told KMBC TV the construction of the Cerner medical date center in the city will bring four thousand jobs to KCK.
The Mator says the erection of the Sporting Kansas City soccer stadium helped solicited the Village West district as a destination point for shoppers throughout the region.
He is also proud Google picked KCK to be. It’s first-in-the-nation high speed ‘ ‘Fiber City’ location. The two term mayor says he finalized his decision not to run over the holidays. He has two sons and wants to spend
More time with them.
Reardon had to deal with tight city budgets throughout his term terms.
He says soon, in 2017, some of the City’s obligations on the STAR bonds had to finance the West KCK development will be retired and the city will have more money.
Reardon also says the developments in the Village West area have stopped years of population decline. He says the latest census figures show the KCK population has stabilized at around 154,000 residents.
Reardon has said one of the City’s challenges is to get more people who now work in the city and. Wyandotte County to live there.
Reardon days he was not dreading another campaign for office. He pointed out he grew up around KCK politics. His father, Jack Reardon was a three term Mayor in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Reardon have been the favorite for re-election. He would have faced opposition.
At least three members of the The Unified Government Commission have expressed interest in running for Mayor. They are Commissioners Nate Barnes; mark Holland and Ann-Brandeau Murgia. Barnes says Reardon’s hand was forced in making his political announcement. “The word got out on the street before they wanted it to, Barnes claims. He thinks Reardon wanted to hold off until closer to the filing deadline. He now predicts “a whole boatload of people”may get into the race.
Barnes says is experience as an 18-year member of the Commission should give him an advantage.


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