Gun Debate Starts in KC After POTUS Plans

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt says he doesn’t think any of the proposals by president Obama to deal with violence in America will have prevented the deadly shootings at the sandy Hook School in Connenticuit.

“There are no laws that is being proposed that would have prevented that young man from having the weapons he had, or is mother from buying it, “ Blunt said Wednesday at a Kansas City news conference.

“Conneticiut is one of the hardest states anywhere to get a weapon,” Blunt added.

Blunt says there may be room for working on mental health reforms. He said he and some other Members of the senate are working on that tytpe of legislation.

Another former member of Congress, Todd Tiahrt is also critical of some of the 23 executive orders the president signed to try and change federal rules and regulations on gun safety and gun research.

Tiahrt sponsored several measures to insure the privacy of gun owners.

Some of those measures restrict how deeply investigators can probe into gun crimes.

Taihrt told KMBC TV Wednesday those privacy measures are important.

“It does prohibit them from prying into private information,” Tiahrt said.

“It protects the privacy of firearms owners, just like your medical records or financial records, for that matter,” Tiahrt said.

A Kansas City gun instructor says he does favor one of the president’s proposals, more comprehensive background checks for guns sales, including private transactions.

“I agree”, said instructor Joe Moran, “just to see who has weapons, especially the mentally disabled.”

Moran, however, believes overall the president plans, are infringing on the Second American right of Americans who own guns.

“That’s hogwash”, said Al Brooks of Kansas City’s Ad Hoc Committee Against Crime.

Brooks stated, “it has nothing to do with the second Amendment. It has to do with the right of people to live.“

After the president announced his plans, other Member of Congress from the area chimed in on the debate.

Kansas Senator Pat Roberts said, “

“I will fight proposals in the Senate that threaten our 2nd Amendment rights and fail to take real action to curb a culture of gun violence in America. I fully support enforcing the gun laws currently on the books instead of creating new ones that erode basic rights of self-protection. It has been statistically proven that passing gun legislation has no effect on removing guns from the hands of criminals. In the end, it is law-abiding citizens who are punished by gun control.

“Out of the 23 executive actions the President announced today, only a few addressed the mentally ill, a largely taboo and marginalized segment of our society. With the emphasis mostly on gun control, the President avoided serious measures to tackle the increasingly violent culture in America.”

Kansas City Rep Emanuel Cleaver:

“Congress must now step up, work together, and use common sense. While those in Washington continue talking – I am focused on listening to my constituents here at home. I, like most Americans, believe in universal background checks. I support a ban on military assault rifles and a limit on high-capacity magazines. These weapons of war are meant to kill,” said U.S. Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II. “I support the Second Amendment and the rights of individuals to bear arms. I also support the rights of children to go safely to school, the movie theater, and the local mall.”

Missouri Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler:

“The Newtown massacre was a horrifically violent act, but rash gun control legislation will not keep our children safer. Many of the President’s proposals simply act to restrict the ability of law abiding citizens to protect their families. Proposals that focus on enforcing our current laws, requiring federal agencies to provide information on criminals to the FBI’s background check database, and giving states the necessary flexibility to protect our children have merit. Additionally, we must have a meaningful conversation about mental health issues and other societal contributors to violent behavior rather than simplistically attacking the tool used by criminals.”

Missouri Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer:

“I am disappointed by the president’s remarks and actions today. The Administration’s decision to circumvent the elected representatives of the American people is surely not the right way to approach an issue of constitutional significance. It would be more productive to have a thoughtful, national discussion on how to better determine when young people are becoming troubled, how to get them back on the right path, and what causes an individual to commit an evil, violent act. We need to focus on getting to the root of these questions, rather than focusing on the instruments that disturbed individuals have misused and abused to carry out heinous crimes. Firearms are lawfully owned and used by millions of responsible Americans for purposes such as self-defense, hunting, and recreation, and as a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, I will work to protect our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.”


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