Man Marches at KC Federal Courthouse With AK-47 to Protest Obama Gun Plans

Stan Nyhart with his AK-47 in front of KC Federal Courthouse.

A man with an unloaded AK-47 rifle marched back and forth in front of the Kansas City federal courthouse for about 30 minutes Friday morning.
Stan Nyhart, who says he lives most of the time on 28 acres in Hickory County, Missouri, says he wants people to know he thinks, “Obama is a traitor”, for trying to ban military-style assault rifles, like his.
He was watched closely by police during his protest march at the foot of the courthouse steps.
The police say Nyhart informed them in advance of his protest. Police say his weapon was checked. It was not loaded and his protest was legal. He drew several stares from people who walked by him.
Nyhart detests President Obama’s plans for banning weapons like his AK-47 and the 30 round clipped attached to it. “He is an absolute criminal, in my opinion.” Nyhart said.
He added that goes for others who support the President’s proposals to Congress.
“Liberal, progressive, Democrats,” he declared, ” don’t try to take my rights away.


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