Archie Leaves State School Board Denies Wrong Doing


The Kansas City Star reports that former Missouri State Board of Education President Stan Archie talked with other members of the Board before submitting his resignation Friday.

Archie, Kansas City minister, resigned after a second lawsuit, accusing him of sexual misconduct with a former church member, was filed this week.

The Star article says In his resignation letter to Nixon, Archie said that “while I had hoped to avoid such actions, the recent lawsuit filed against me and our church family has the potential to cause distraction from our endless efforts to allow Missouri’s educational system to be among the top in the nation.”

“Let me be clear, I categorically deny the allegations made against me and the church and believe that eventually the truth will come out and that both the church and I will be exonerated of all allegations. However, I do believe that it is best for the Board and the children of Missouri that I step down at this time and allow the Board’s efforts to move forward without distraction.”

Archie was appointed by then-Gov. Matt Blunt in 2006 to represent the Fifth Congressional District on the eight-member board. He began his term as board president this month.

Archie told The Kansas City Star that he spoke with the other board members before deciding to step down.

“We have had a number of conversations to think through the best course of action,” he said. “This is an unnecessary distraction, and while I’m innocent of all of this stuff, I can’t let this get in the way of the things we’re doing with the board.

“The decisions we make are too critical to have questions come about as a result of any one person on the board. Our kids have to come first. That’s why I was there in the first place.”

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education declined to comment Friday on the resignation.

The latest lawsuit, filed Wednesday by a Kansas City area woman identified as Jane Doe DL, accused Archie of committing repeated acts of sexual misconduct against her beginning when she was 15 and went to him for counseling.

Throughout the process, the lawsuit alleged, Archie told the girl that he was her pastor, assured her that they were doing nothing wrong and said that he was providing spiritual and emotional counseling.

When the girl ended the relationship with Archie in 2010 or 2011, the lawsuit said, he told church members that she was a liar and had mental problems.


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