GM Announces $600 Million Expansion for Fairfax Car Plant

GM CEO Dan Ackerson calls the Fairfax plant one “the Crown Jewels” among GM plants in KCK Monday.

With a sense of optimism that has been rare in the US auto industry, General Motors Corp. announced “incremental investment of $600 million dollars for the Kansas City, Kansas today.
News of the expansion had been expected. The scope of the expansion soon caught many by surprise.
“This is a sign that GM has come back from the brink of insolvency and will again be a great American corporation ” said CEO Dan Ackerson
“GM is back and GM is here to stay!”, crowed Kansas Governor Sam Brownback at the plant today.
The new, high tech paint shop operation will expand the already large plant by more than 400,000 square feet.
It may not, however, lead to more jobs. But the addition of the new paint shop and remodeling of the stamping line could add more suppliers for the plant. That, in turn, could lead to more auto assembly plant related jobs in the region. About 3,700 people work at the Fairfax plant on three shifts.
The Fairfax plant makes two of GM’s most popular cars, the Chevy Malibu and the Buick LaCross. The new paint shop could come on line within two years.


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