Koster Joins KC Used Ccar Salesman Scam Probe


KANSAS CITY, Mo. —Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster said as many as 44 people may be victims in an identity-theft case involving a Kansas City-area used-car dealer.

The first round of charges has been filed in an identity-theft case involving a Kansas City-area used-car dealer.
Terry Morrow Jr., 25, currently faces 17 charges in the case.
Investigators said Morrow ran Edge Auto Sales on Highway 40 in Blue Springs in 2011, later moving to a site in Independence near Highway 24 and Noland Road.
According to court documents, prosecutors allege that Morrow took customers’ personal information and used it to apply for loans and credit checks under their names.
“We believe that this is the largest identity-theft case ever prosecuted by state prosecutors in Missouri,” Koster said.
Prosecutors said he pocketed the money he got from selling a credit plan to an auto loan company. Before long, the companies tried to start collecting from the people whose information was taken.
Assistant Missouri Attorney General Brian Bear said one of Morrow’s customers called authorities after finding a car loan on her credit report.
“She was able to find that there was a finance company and then we made contact with that finance company, and from there our investigation basically broke it open,” Bear said.
Morrow is in jail in Illinois for similar crimes, but Missouri authorities said they want to bring him to trial here first because he’d face stiffer penalties.
Prosecutors said they think there may be additional victims and they hope to find them.

Read more: http://www.kmbc.com/news/kansas-city/Mo-AG-believes-dozens-victims-of-ID-theft-scheme/-/11664182/18515830/-/40mcg8/-/index.html#ixzz2KmjIPkRp


2 Responses

  1. Yes and Mr Terry morrow Jr was caught thanks to A customer in Illinois whom called the Police after observing him trying to flee. Thank you to Me and the hard working Police and detectives from Cortland, City of Dekalb and Dekalb County Sherriffs Office Without these great policemen and Policewoman and to me, my loving husband and my husbands Best friend this arrest wouldnt have happened.

  2. Who taught a young man this. He has a life history in a church living for god . Yaw better stand up and take this blame why would you give more money to a scam if you weren’t scammimg a young boy just trying to make a living . Or do u not want to get caught up you crooked loan comps. You always check your stuff out. Why wasn’t he given salesman of the year. You crooked bankers you pay the tab,

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