Roberts Calls Squester Stand-off, “A Hell of a Way to Run a Railroad”

Kansas Senator Pat Roberts expressed frustration and defiance over the federal sequester showdown during a town hall in Olathe Tuesday.
Roberts, Senate colleague Jerry Moran and Johnson County Congressman Kevin Yoder were at an hour long meeting in Olathe. Roberts opened the meeting by complaining about the looming sequester deadline.
Many federal programs face a total of $85 billion in automatic cuts a week this coming Friday. No deal to avoid it seems in sight.
Later, Roberts said the nation has no option but to get federal spending under control. Otherwise, he predicted the deficit could roar out if control. “$46 Trillion in 10 years!” Roberts shouted, “my God!”
He warned many Kansans could lose the federal programs they rely upon. He closed, however, by urging people not to give up.
“Let’s roll up our socks and sleeves and get the damn thing done,” he said. A number of the people at the meeting complained about how government works.
Sen. Moran told them he thinks too often politics trumps policy most of the time in Washington these days.
One person insisted President Obama had violated so many laws and abused the Constitution that he ought to be impeached.
Rep. Yoder shied away from that. He says the laws are in place. The problem is the President picks and chooses the laws he wants to follow.
A couple of people criticized Roberts and Moran for supporting tax policies that reward large oil companies that already make big profits.
Both men reminded the questioners the stock of oil companies are often held by middle class families or by Kansas institutions.


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