Report Says Change in 2007 Law Law Made Missouri Deadlier & Easier for Criminals

A Johns Hopkins University report says a change in Missouri law in 2007 has made the state deadlier and easier for criminals to get handguns.

The report says the change took place after Missouri dropped it’s ‘Permit to Purchase’, requirement in 2007.

The law required Missourians to get the local sheriff’s department to issue a permit to buy a firearm.

It was considered a background check of sorts, especially for gun sales from unlicensed dealers.

Critics, however said it was duplicate of the federal background checks already in place.

The report claims in the five years after the law was removed in 2007, “the age-adjusted firearm homicide rate in Missouri increased sharply…25% above the pre-repeal mean”.

Gun rights advocates knocked the report.

“I would question their methodology,” said Clay County State Senator Ryan Silvey. “There is a fallacy in logic that ‘after this, therefore, because of that’”.

He told KMBC TV, “Just because one thing happens after another doesn’t necessarily mean they’re linked.”

The report, however, also says the end of the law meant handguns got into the hands of criminals faster in Missouri.

“The sharp increase in very short sale-to-crime intervals for guns in Missouri was not part of a national trend; in fact, the average sale-to-crime interval increased nationally from 10.2 years in 2006 to 11.2 years in 2011,” according to the report.

The report concluded the jump in guns that ended up being recovered by the Police in connection with crimes was fast and high.

“This is a remarkable change for an indicator that tends to change very little over time,” the report stated.


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