City to Build Hydroponic Greenhouse in Berkley Riverfront Park, Firm Promises Fresh Tomatoes & Lettuce Year Round

Bright Farms, Inc. news conference at City Hall.

A company says it will build a 100,000 sq ft. Hydroponic greenhouse in Kansas City’s Berkley Riverfront park.
The announcement was announced during a news conference at the City Hall rotunda.
The firm says the greenhouse will produce tomatoes, lettuce and herbs to be marketed the ought an unnamed local grocery chain.
The move is considered a step forward for development for the park along the banks of the Missouri River near downtown Kansas City.
The firm, BrightFarms, Inc. says it will provide 100 jobs to build the greenhouse. 25 jobs will be offered to hire the greenhouse staff.
BrightFarms has similar, but smaller, operations with the Schnucks supermarket chain in St. Louis. Their hydroponic produce is distributed by Cub Foods in the St. Paul area. The Kansas City operation will be larger than both of those greenhouses. BrightFarms’ hydroponic operation uses water to grow the produce, not soil. Hydroponic produce is said to grow faster and larger produce. The plan is to have the greenhouse operating by late in 2013.


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