McCaskill Days Americans Will Take “A Little Invasion of Privacy” to Stay Safe

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill says Americans will accept “a little invasion of privacy” if it helps keep them safe and catches terrorists.

“I think Americans are willing take a little invasion of privacy, like public cameras, if we can prevent and quickly apprehend people who do these kinds of things,” Mccaskill said.

During a meeting with Kansas City reporters McCaskill also said she would not be part of any move, as she put it, “to have everyone go through a metal detector every time they walk out of their house”.

The Missouri Democrat insisted the country will not be bullied by terrorists. At the same time she noted all violence can’t be stopped.

She cited several examples.

“A backpack on the sidewalks of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade here, The Boston Marathon in Boston, or Arrowhead Stadium during tailgating.”

“I don’t think we are going to let terrorists, or people with violence in their hearts change America,” McCasill said.

“I think it will be very difficult for America to do that,” countered UMKC terrorism expert Dr. Rebecca Best.

“America isn’t quite used to these kinds of attack,” Best added. She expects it will take time for the US to rebound from the shock of the blasts in Boston that killed three and injured well over 100 people.

McCaskill said the deaths at the Boston Marathon this week are “the first deaths we’ve had because of a political motive in this country since 9-11”


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  1. Wow, Senator McCaskill, I think we’re already past a “little invasion of privacy,” what with TSA’s atrocities, biometrics being forwarded to MorphoTrust when you get a DL renewal (and from thence, who knows?) Gosh, filling out a 1040 probably is a violation against the 5th Amendment protection against having to testify against yourself, since the legions of lawyers at your disposal are the only ones who fully know the tax law. How many more “little invasions of privacy” do you propose?

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