Senate Budget Plan Threatens to Shut Down Missouri Driver’s License Bureaus Over DOR Scanning Dispute

hand guns for sale(AP) — Missouri residents could be unable to get driver’s licenses if a funding cut passed Monday by the Missouri Senate were to ultimately become law.
The elimination of funding for Missouri’s driver’s license bureau was perhaps the most dramatic proposal in a Senate budget plan chock full of reductions intended to grab the attention of executive branch officials accused by some senators of being uncooperative or less than forthcoming when describing how they spend state money.
Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Kurt Schaefer, the architect of many of those message-sending cuts, said he was seeking leverage over state officials as he leads a Senate delegation that will meet with House members in the coming weeks to negotiate a final version of the 2014 budget. But other senators wondered about the effect if the proposed cuts actually become law.
If the entire $3.5 million allotment for the Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing Division ultimately is eliminated: “They will not be able to issue any driver’s licenses,” Schaefer, R-Columbia, acknowledged.
Other funding cuts in the Senate budget plan target the administration in the Department of Revenue, which oversees the licensing bureau, the Department of Public Safety and the computer section of the state Office of Administration – all of which have drawn Republican ire for their roles in collecting and distributing information about concealed gun permit holders.
Republican lawmakers have asserted that people’s privacy rights have been violated by a new Department of Revenue policy intended to cut down on fraud in which licensing clerks have made electronic copies of people’s personal documents such as birth certificates and concealed gun permits. Nixon recently ordered an end to the copying of concealed permits, but that has not quelled Republican frustrations.
As part of an inquiry into the new licensing procedures by the Senate Appropriations Committee, the Missouri State Highway Patrol recently said it had twice obtained a list of people holding concealed gun permits and provided the information to a disability fraud investigator in the U.S. Social Security Administration. The patrol got the comprehensive list with the help of the state’s computing division, which extracted data kept by the Department of Revenue as part of its responsibility for issuing photo identification cards to concealed gun permit holders.
The Social Security Administration has said it was unable to read the computer disks of information and so destroyed them.
Republican senators want to strip the Department of Revenue of the responsibility of producing concealed gun identification cards. The budget plan approved Monday includes $2 million for a sheriffs’ task force to instead oversee that duty.
The Senate budget plan also would eliminate all 37 full-time employee positions in the driver’s license division while also cutting $7 million from the Revenue Department’s administration, $9 million from the computer technology division and $20 million from the administration of the Department of Public Safety, which oversees the Highway Patrol.
“I’m pretty confident that this will get someone’s attention … and we’ll start getting those answers,” Schaefer said.

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  1. Particularly important is reconciling the differences that exist between federal and
    state legislation and understanding the rights as a non-felon
    US citizen as well as a person with a criminal conviction.
    It merely requires states to recognize out-of-state licenses
    issued by other states the same as their own resident licenses.
    And localities are preempted from enacting local gun carry bans.

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