Jones Calls for Another Panel on DOR Scanning Controversy

Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones has launched another panel to investigate how concealed carry information got into federal investigators hands from the Missouri Department of Revenue.
Other lawmakers have been conducting hearing into the same issue this spring.
“The public’s trust in our government has been harmed by this violation of their privacy, and the only way to begin to repair the damage done is to determine the extent of the scandal, find those responsible, and make sure they are held accountable,” said Jones in a news release.
Personal confidential information about applicants for concealed carry permits in Misssouri ended up in the hands of federal Social Security investigators.
One of the investigators told a Senate Committee looking at the issue they were unable able to read the data on the discs they received.
Jones named several people to the panel today.
They include Stoddard County Prosecutor Ross Oliver.
Oliver acted as the private attorney for a Stoddard County man who triggered the controversy.
The man refused to permit employees at a state fee office to scan in his personal information.
He was refused the application that had already been approved by the local sheriff’s office.
Others named to the panel include:
· Mr. Omar Davis, former General Counsel and Director of the Department of Revenue
· Sheriff Glen Bayer of Jefferson County
· Mr. Gary Fuhr, former State Representative and retired FBI agent
· The Honorable Mike Fusselman, prosecutor for Randolph County

Jones says others may be added later.

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