Yoder on House Panel Planning to Slash IRS BY 24% to “Send a Message”

In what may a page out of their own play book, House Republicans, including Johnson County Congressman Kevin Yoder, are going after the Internal Revenue Service’s money.
Yoder sits on a House Appropriations sub committee that is proposing a $9 billion dollar cut in the IRS budget, a reduction of 24%.
Funding federal agencies is “one tool that Congress can use to ensure that agencies do not continue a pattern of mismanagement,” Yoder said according to the website ‘Politico’.
‘Politco’ also reports House Republicans are trying to block $70 million in scheduled bonuses for IRS employees.
Another provision would provide more money to the IRS wing assigned to make sure tax collectors are doing their jobs.
Earlier this year, when the story broke of IRS operatives looking closely at the tax exempt applications from conservative groups, like various Tea Party organizations, Yoder claimed he had received complaints about the practice a year earlier.
He said IRS executive denied it at the time.
Yoder said at the start of the Tea Party controversy it was time “clean house” at the IRS.
‘Politco’ quotes Yoder as saying the budget cuts are intended to ” send a message…to fix the challenges” at the IRS.
The wave of controversy shook loose other tales damaging the IRS.
those reports include big bonuses being paid out, lavish parties and conferences for IRS employees and expensive video productions.
Thursday, the Kansas City Star reported in 2010, the IRS spent $747,000 for a series of meetings Kansas City.
The article also says the agency spent another $400,000 on hotel rooms in Kansas City for another set of a meetings and conferences at the Sheraton Hotel in the Crown Center district.

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