Jenkins Opposes Syria Strike, Wants Obama to Get Congressional Approval 1st

East Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins opposes any military strike against the Syrian government at this time.
“While the recent chemical attack on Syrian citizens is an atrocious crime, it is still unclear who is on the other side of this conflict,” Jenkins said in a statement Wednesday.
Jenkins does not trust some of the elements involved in the rebellion against the Damascus government.
She is worried some rebels are “infected with Al Qaeda”.
The Kansas Republican says at this point, because of those questions, the US should not choose sides in the Syrian Civil War.
Jenkins says no vital US interest at stake.
“There is no immediate threat to our homeland,” Jenkins stated.
She wants the President to get Congressional approval before launching any military operation. She believes the crisis requires, “a public debate,.
“I stand ready to return to Washington at a moment’s notice to debate this issue and will be signing a letter to the President asking that he get consent from Congress as prescribed in the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution of 1973.”

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