Berry Says His Tax Cut Bill override Faces “Steep Hill”

Clay County Republican T. J. Berry says his tax cut bill, House Bill 253,may be a few votes short as the veto session approaches later this week.

“I think I’m climbing a pretty steep hill,” said Berry. He sponsored the legislation this year in the House.

Both houses of the legislature must get two-thirds majorities needed to override Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of the measure.

Berry added he thought the issue was “still in doubt”.

The Clay County Republican had asked the Democratic Governor to call a special session of lawmakers to address Nixon’s issues. The Governor rejected the request.

Republicans say Missouri is overdue for cuts in business and personal incomes tax rates. They think lower taxes would help Missouri compete with neighboring states like Kansas, Oklahoma and Tenn.

Nixon has campaigned through Missouri all summer long saying the bill has problems.

The Democrat thinks the measure could costs Missouri’s schools millions of dollars in money lost by reductions in state funds.

Independence School Superintendent Dale Herl says his district could face a loss of up to $5.8 million oper year under the tax cut bill.

He points to language in the measure that adds sales tax to prescriptions and the sale of college text books.

Monday, another group criticized the bill at a Kansas City news conference.

A group called the ‘Coalition for Missouri’s Future’ called on lawmakers to sustain Nixon’s veto of the measure.

Norma Collins of the Missouri Chapter of the American Association of retired persons says the personal tax cut most Missourians would see is about $6. She compared that to buying a hamburger at a fast food restaurant..

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